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26 Jul

If you have ever wondered why modular homes are incredibly affordable, you are not the only one. Our clients at ModSolid ask us the same question almost every time. One of the worries we have had to calm is about quality.

Most people worry modular homes being cheaper than site-built homes means they are inferior and won’t last. Well, that is not true!

Most rumours about modular homes and why they are affordable are just myths, we would know that because we are experts. We have been building these mobile units for over a decade. So, to dispel all the myths, we decided to enlighten you on why modular homes are affordable.

Check out the five reasons why modular homes are incredibly cheap!

Zero Waste Of Building Materials

During the construction of site-built homes, contractors often buy building materials in excess. The reason for that is because some materials might get damaged due to weather. Damages aside, contractors could lose some of them to theft – especially the attractive items like flooring and interior pieces.

The worst part: The excess materials might eventually waste because they are, after all, a result of a surplus budget. Unfortunately, that would have cost you unnecessary money!

Unlike site-built homes, modular homes are built to precision. You won’t over-budget building materials, nor will you worry about loss and theft of your beautiful house items. Overall, you will only spend what is required to construct your house.

Extra: because of the precision in modular homes, you will also spend less in terms of maintenance and repairs. Besides, they often come with an extended period of warranty.

Low Cost Of Building Materials

Site-built homes are often built one at a time. There is a limit to the discounts contractors can get on building materials – even when they buy in bulk. And remember, bulk purchasing isn’t even advisable – the materials could be damaged or stolen.

The situation is quite different for modular homes. Here, manufacturers do bulk purchasing since they are building many homes simultaneously. And while the discounts might not be much, when you add all the differences, you’d realize a considerable saving on your expenses.

Construction Time Is Short

Site-built homes take a long time to build. For starters, you will prepare the site before construction begins. And eventually when construction begins, you still have to hope for favourable weather conditions. Imagine all the time that you would waste!

The more time you spend constructing a house, the more chances of damaged or stolen building materials. In other words, prolonged timing results in more expenses.

On the other hand, the construction of modular homes is fast. The initial building of the components happens indoor since they are factory-made. As such, weather conditions won’t prolong construction time.

Lower Labor Expenses

Site-built homes are labour-intensive; and that in itself means more expenses. How? Construction of conventional homes requires different specialties – and they all command varied payment. On top of that, you still have to worry about safety and medical emergencies. Even with all that, your contractors could delay the work and cause you unnecessary overspending.

The case is different with modular homes. For a start, the construction of your house components is not labour-intensive – the parts are factory-made. And often, the factory sends people over to couple the components. In the end, you will only be paying for a few labourers such as electricians and plumbers.

Energy Efficiency

Modular homes are not only cheap to build, but they are also affordable to maintain. They don’t waste materials during construction, and more importantly, they have additional insulation materials. Ultimately, these mobile homes will help you cut down your energy expenses.

On the other hand, site-built homes are not as energy-efficient. While your contractors could use green building materials, the entire process is not energy-friendly. How so?

Site-built homes have foundations that absorb moisture from the soil. With time, the moisture will dry and expose your housing units to cracks. When that happens, you won’t be able to limit energy loss in your home. For that reason, your utility bills will soar up.

Last note: Indeed, modular homes are affordable to build and maintain. Even at that, there are luxury kinds that will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, they are worth the investment. More importantly, ensure you only engage experts when you’d like to build a modular home.